My name is Rebecca Martyn and based in Skövde, Sweden. I started my company in 2008, young and with no education I decided to go for it. My previous years in the tv business and many different jobs had me prepared for all sorts of clients. It´s been up and down, like in life. Sometimes you work to hard and to much, sometimes you just want to do something else! I lived in Stockholm, in 2008 and since then I have lived in Gothenburg and now in Skövde. I am mother to two lovely kids and living with my dreamy man. I have worked with interior photography since I started in 2008, like I have with weddings. And I can now say how I am as a photographer. It takes some years before it developes, at least it did for me. I just LOVE the natural light. I am not a big fan of studio, although I have worked with it from time to time and always have fun with it. I LOVE working with interior, meeting people in there homes, doing photoshoots for magazines. To spend a day at a wedding is so fulfilling that I have big smile on my face all day long. I work mostly in Sweden, but would just love the idea to go abroad for some interiorphotography or a wedding. Just give me a call! The people I meet inspire me and almost every day it strikes me how lucky I am, that 10 years ago I believed in myself and went for it!